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We have given a new track ‘Xmas in Ynysmeudwy’ to the wonderful Repeater Books’ Xmas Playlist.

Check the full playlist on their blog.

‘Repeater is a publishing imprint started by the same group that founded and ran Zero Books. Its purpose is to expand upon and complete the project begun with Zero; that of bringing marginal, esoteric, idiosyncratic and necessary literature and thought into a mainstream that would otherwise ignore it. We are primarily enthusiasts who will consider and respond to all submissions on any subject or genre, irrespective of how superficially unpromising they may appear, so long as they are written with conviction, intelligence and indifference to the rewards of playing it safe.’

Rebecca 0’Brien and myself will be performing and updated version of our Chat Room dance piece at EXHIBI[4]TIONS @ Rich Mix, Bethnal Green this Sunday (29th Nov).

Chat Room is a live improvised dance and audio performance made by manipulating recorded and live audio streams sourced from internet sex chat rooms and performed live back into one. More info HERE.

EXHIBI[4]TIONS is a platform for new and experimental work in progress offering emerging artists a space in which to show and test their ideas in development. At the same time it offers audiences the opportunity to see these ideas in their most, raw, risky and exciting form. More info HERE.

Here is some dodgy mobile phone footage from the last performance at XOYO –


Live recording of the soundtrack from the fulldome AV show Fragments, a collaboration with Will Young and Ben Gannaway of RFID. Premiered at the iX Symposium of Immersive Arts, Satosphere, SAT, Montreal, Canada. 23/05/14. Further shows at the same venue throughout EM15 Festival (Elektra + Mutek). 28/05/14 – 01/06/14. Also performed at the Fulldome UK Festival, National Space Center, Leicester 08/11/14.

1st Order Ambisonics converted to binaural using the Ambi-X decoder (5.1 preset). Listen on headphones!

More info:

Read a review of the show on the Creator’s Project here :…performance


I’ve made a couple of tutorials for Music Tech magazine on IRCAM suite of plug-ins for Max for Live.  Here’s the first on the IM-FX Sequencer plugin.

These plugins utilise a year’s worth of research conducted at the IRCAM Institute in France, one of the world’s largest public research centers dedicated to both musical expression and scientific research.

I’m a sucker for eighties synth pop sounds and this London based band flies+flies really deliver the goods. Later On sounds like an updated, goth version of Yazoo”  Fresh On The Net 

“A fresh act blending songwriting ability with unforgiving production”

Mastered by Matt Colton @ Alchemy.

Listen and buy from our Bandcamp:

Also on Soundcloud, Boomkat, Juno and Spotify

I have just returned from a 10 day residency at the beautiful Pontadawe Arts Center in South Wales.   The objective of the residency was R&D for a Petwo Evans live AV show in collaboration with digital artists Will Young (who I worked with on the Fragments project in Montreal) and Louis Mustill (who I have worked for at Artists and Engineers).

We were experimenting with building music from scratch by looping rhythms plaid on found objects (car tires, tumble driers etc) and treating them with digital processing. Will and Louis took raw footage of the local landscape (a quarry, dam, reservoir etc) and also applied digital processes live.  A secondary layer of audio-visual link-up was also achieved by having visual parameters control the sound as well as the more common vice-versa.

More news on this and video documentation to follow.  Big thanks to Angela, Brian, John, Tony, Gareth, Dan and Angie.